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Do you want to buy backlinks and have the very best links with contextual refferring domains? Then you’ve come to the right place. With us you can buy links that REALLY work. Every link in our range has backlinks in the backlink profile of Wikipedia, major news sites, international newspapers, universities and governments and countless other powerful domains.

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King package

With the King package you are assured of higher positions in the search engine. It is not for nothing that it is our most sold package. Take advantage of a 20% discount when you choose for the annual payment!

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Dwarfs Package

The Dwarfs package is ideal for websites that want to start a high quality link building campaign at a good entry-level price. Dont expect wonders, but it can give you that last little push!

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Assassin package

Give your direct competition a huge swipe with the Assassin package. Reach the positions you’ve always wanted and instantly increase your turnover with organic traffic!

Help with choosing links

Don’t lose valuable hours choosing high quality SEO backlinks? Get in touch with one of our specialists, free of charge and without obligation, who will provide you with expert advice to set up a campaign that is as profitable as possible. We have been experts in backlinks for years and know exactly which links work and which don’t!

Quality over quantity

We supply only the highest quality Google backlinks. Every link we use is a link that we would also use on our own sites. Placement on the homepage for maximum impact is possible. Our entire range consists of domains with backlinks from the strongest sites over the world such as Huffingtonpost, Le Monde, Governments, Wikipedia and countless others.

Monthly installment

Your backlinks are kept 100% online, focus on quality and relevant content and are 100 times stronger because you don’t have to share them with countless people. The links on our domains have a maximum of 15 outbound links, which means they will always have a strong impact. Buy backlinks and beat your competitors with ease.

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Ahrefs Manually Checked Referring Domains For Editorial Links

100% Spam Free Links, Manually Checked On Anchors + Backlinks

English Support Present To Help You With Your Order

Fast Delivery in 7 to 14 Days Purchase Of Backlinks

All Backlinks Have Newspapers, Universities and Editorial Links In Backlinkprofiel

Your Backlink Will Be Posted Free In 100% Original, Readable And Relevant Content

By Paying Monthly We Can Maintain/Reinforce Your Backlinks Perfectly

In-Content Homepage Backlinks For Maximal Impact On Your Google Rankings

Why choose for Mister Biggs?

Backlinks that realy work

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Mister Biggs stands for high quality backlinks that really work. Complete transparency, reliable service and lowering choice stress are our core values.

Team with years of experience and expertise

Our team with broad experience and different backgrounds can make your SEO strategy successful together with the highest possible return on investment. Check out the link profile of the domain you want to buy a link on, place an order and our experts will immediately start placing backlinks.

No hassle with content, everything is taken care of for you

You don’t have to worry about SEO content, we can arrange that for you. After your order you will receive a report in which you can check everything. After that the wait is over, within a few weeks your keywords will skyrocket and we hope to help you again with backlinks for your website.

Top quality in our wide range, new toppers every month

Our campaigns have been extensively tested and do not contain any red flags such as footprints or spammy link profiles. All domains in our range contain super powerful links from the largest sites in Europe and further. You can think of universities, international newspapers and other reliable sites.

Need backlinks from specific countries? Take a look at the product range!

Custom order or large orders? We’ll sort it out for you!

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frequently asked questions

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Guarantees and possibilities

Relevante content, images en Youtube embeds
Quality SEO content, optimized article
Top hosting, unique IPs and C-Class IPs for each link
Each link has at least 2 in-content editorial links
No spammy anchors or low quality backlinks
 Referring domains between 30 – 100+
DA between 10 – 50+ / TF between 5 – 25+

No casino, adult or gambling placement possible
Dripfeeding/dispersion of links possible
Links are indexed and securely delivered
Delivery time is 7-14 days, fast delivery possible
After delivery of your order you will receive a partial link report
1 anchor per link, possibility to choose 2 anchors
 Custom order with discount possible for large orders

Why buy backlinks from Mr Biggs?

The very best backlink is a link that is placed in the content on a page, or a link that originates from a homepage. From the homepage most of the power is transferred to your website, and a link that is placed in the content gives an extra boost in confidence and is stronger than for example a link on a partner page or footer. We call this a contextual backlink.

The big difference with other backlinks

In addition, it is important that the number of outbound links or OBL remains low, for example, for home pages 800 links are placed on a page. That means an OBL of 800 and actually indicates that you have to share the total power of the page on which your link is placed with 800 others, you can imagine that there is not much power for your own site or stays if you have to share all this.

  • Luckily we arrange all these things for you, and we do that as follows. First of all, the domains in our range contain some very strong in-content editorial links.
  • This means that there are links to our domains that are in content on large sites like Huffington Post,, and countless others. As a result, they have built up considerable SEO strength and are trusted in the eyes of Google. Take a look on the sample page for an overall view

But how do you deal with backlinks at Mr Biggs?

As we just discussed, the link in content is the strongest, so what do we do? We develop a piece of content for your website, and place it on the homepage of our websites that have powerful backlinks.

Another big advantage is that we don’t sell these links to 800 people as is the case with home pages, we only supply links that have a maximum of 20 OBL.

All advantages and aspects for a top backlink

This gives you a number of major advantages, for example, you get a link from a domain that has countless powerful backlinks of large websites that have built with confidence, you get a link that sends the most power from the homepage, and you have a link with a low OBL so that all power remains intact and you get a big boost in Google.

In short, do you want to score higher in Google? We dare to say that our backlinks are the best option for increases in the search engine. Not convinced yet? We challenge you, give it a try and you will be amazed by the results 😉.

Why are backlinks so important for SEO?

When we talk about backlinks we are talking about links on other websites that refer to your website. Another term for backlinks is incoming links or inbound links.

Usually websites with a larger number of backlinks have a better position in the results of Google and other search engines such as Bing. Also applies the following rule, the higher the quality of your backlinks, the higher the chance of being higher in Google.

How do backlinks work?

But why does it work like this? Well, fortunately the answer is simple, Google and other search engines see every backlink to your website as a kind of recommendation or voice. The higher the number of backlinks (and their quality) that refer to your website, the greater the confidence of search engines. In the end, a higher number of backlinks has a positive influence on your search engine rankings.

What to pay attention to when building backlinks?

Still you have to be careful, you can make a lot of backlinks to your website, but if these are not of good quality, your rankings might go down. It is very important to choose for backlinks of reliable and, if possible, relevant domains.

Please note the following important parts

  • If your site has a lot of low quality backlinks or spammy links, the positions in Google will suffer. In other words, it’s better to have 10 high quality natural backlinks than 100 low quality backlinks.
  • Always take a good look at the backlinkprofile of the domain you link to. The backlinkprofile of the domain you link to gives you a good idea of the quality. It is important to investigate this before you start setting up your link building strategy!

Stop looking for backlinks, these are the best

With us you can assume 100% that you buy the best possible backlink, we only have top quality domains in our assortment with at least 2 links in the profile of the largest websites such as newspapers, universities and other reliable sources on the internet, everything is clear and transparent to see in our webshop!

What's a bad backlink?

Google has made a list of common bad link building tactics. The core of the list? Do not create manipulative links that have no value. It wouldn’t make sense for a local company in London, Amsterdam or Berlin to receive hundreds of links from a website in India.

  • Most websites will occasionally receive poor quality links. This is a natural part of the Internet. Google has become better at not counting these links. Stay away from practices that Google would consider a deliberate attempt at deception and manipulation.


What's a good backlink?

Links are needed to help search engines deliver the best results to its users. The best links provide value to the Internet. Create unique, original and relevant content and share it across the Internet.

Participate in practices that Google would consider purposefully trying to build value and authority. To summarize: create backlinks that are reliable, diverse and relevant. Link building is definitely not dead because they help search engines get better results.

Links are still necessary and perhaps the most important part of any SEO strategy next to content, if you build or buy them in the right way, you can be sure that your positions in Google will continue to increase. Use a backlink checker to see what kind of links you’re pointing to your website, or use these tools to see what kind of links you’re going to buy.

What is linkbuilding?

Link building is simply said, the process of making other websites link back to your website. Almost all (online) marketers and business owners are very interested in building backlinks, this because a larger number of qualitative links will improve your positions in Google.

  • Linkbuilding ensures that the authority of your domain increases, this increases Google’s trust in your website, you can get referral traffic and it’s possible to market your brand on relevant websites more easily.

Why start link building?

A good question, why build links? Well, we already gave the answer above, without backlinks your positions in Google won’t rise quickly.

Google’s algorithms are complex and always evolving, but backlinks remain an important factor in the way each search engine determines which sites are ranked for which keywords or keywords.

Building links is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO), because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality source that is worth showing in the top 10. Sites with more backlinks therefore tend to earn a higher ranking for 1 or more keywords.

Don’t feel like doing it yourself or need expertise?

Want to look at options to start outsourcing link building? Then you’ve come to the right place, we can do a free research for you and advise you on different link building packages and help you with an overall strategy to get top positions on keywords that are important for your business!

Buy backlinks, take a look in our webshop!

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Other popular linkbuilding packages.

With us you have all the freedom of choice, so you can choose to buy a separate backlink, but it is also possible to buy a linkbuilding package directly. We have them in all shapes and sizes, the advantage is that with link building packages you are cheaper anyway, and that you can immediately build some mega powerful links to your website.

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